Torque and Chrome

Understanding the mechanics of car engines

Every car has an engine which provides the energy necessary for motion. The engine is normally powered by a fuel such as petrol or diesel. Some modern car engines are powered by electricity. However, the principle is the same. The car engine is made up of different combustion compartments. Here, fuel enters and is combined with air at certain proportions. When a flame is introduced, combustion takes place which is like an explosion. Cars are therefore complex in their operation. The only good thing to do is to take out insurance such as motortrade insurance.

Once combustion takes place, lots of energy is released. This energy pushes the pistons in different cycles and these pistons then engage in a linear motion, up and down. This up and down motion is translated into rotary motion by cam devices. A cam device is designed to change rotary motion into linear motion and the reverse as well. This way, there will be sufficient rotary motion necessary to rotate the wheels and get the car to move. This is where torque comes in. It is important to understand about torque.

Understanding torque

Basically a vehicle engine will produce energy as a result of combustion. Torque is basically the rotary energy that is produced, the output rotary force, is referred to as torque. Thus rotary motion generated by the car engine is what is referred to as torque. This is the energy that will then be used to power the car. Torque is also produced in water pumps and other devices that produce rotary motion. A car with a bigger engine which is more powerful will deliver a lot more torque but will have to consume more fuel than others. This is basically how car engines generate torque.

Auto insurance

Cars and all other vehicles need insurance in order to drive legally on the roads. Insurance is very important and for various reasons. Should an accident take place on the roads, then the insurance cover will come in handy as it will process the payments necessary for any repairs and also cover costs for injuries and other losses. The government does require all motorists to possess insurance necessary for driving on the roads. This is very important. Different insurance companies offer different rates to their customers and finding the right company to provide the services is very important.


It is important that a car is serviced every so often. Good quality auto service for a car will keep the engine and other systems in good working order. Frequent service for motor vehicles is recommended at all times. Insurance is also a very important component. Insurance is actually mandatory and hence the need to search for suitable cover. A good example of suitable premium is motortrade insurance. This kind of cover is suitable for traders selling cars to motorists. There are many others available and some are quite affordable. An example of affordable auto insurance is third party cover.